Enhanced Plan – OBDII 4G LTE GPS TRACKER with Diagnostics + 5GB Hotspot

$32.95 on the 24th of each month and a $149.99 OBDII Device one-time charge

Product will be available Dec 31 2021.

First payment prorated. Next payment: 24 June 2024

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OBD LTE GPS TRACKER Plug and Play on any Vehicle

Unit Cost: $149.99

Monthy Price for LTE Data and software access: $32.95 per month. 

5GB of LTE data using the device as a hotspot.

Installation-free / Plug and Play / Precise Positioning / Electronic Fence

  • No device to charge.
  • No wiring.
  • OBDII Compatibility.
  • Constant power so device works uninterrupted
  • Battery back-up in case battery is disconnected

Tracking is available on your PC (browser), all Apple and Android devices through the GPS Pinger Platform.

Vehicle Diagnostics available on any device through the GPS Pinger Diagnostics Web Portal.

This device is sold as a service and includes:

  • 1 OBD plug and play device
  • 1 LTE SIM card with data
  • Unlimited access to our platform
  • Unlimited tracking history
  • Platform access from Android,iOS and Web for Tracking
  • Platform access from any browser, Android or iOS device for Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Unlimited devices and smartphones on the platform
  • 5GB of monthly LTE Hotspot data
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