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What exactly is GPS Pinger?

GPS Pinger is a full service platform for real-time location. Our platform can monitor any Android device, any iOS device and over 1500 different GPS trackers. All Android based Push to talk devices can also be monitored via our Android App.

We offer two types of apps for your mobile device:

1) A lightweight battery sensitive app that only sends the devices location to the platform (Client app)

2) A permission based admin app that can view the location of all assets (Manager App)

For GPS trackers:

1) We sell the latest GPS magnet trackers with affordable data plans

2) You can program your existing GPS tracker to point to our platform

BUY A GPS MAGNET TRACKER FOR ONLY $49.99 (data service for only $9.95/month)

GPS Pinger presents Auto Pinger with OBD2 Diagnostics and optional Wifi Hotspot.

Track your vehicle’s location, alarm codes, fault codes and give your family LTE data.

GPS Pinger Features

GPS Pinger allows all your devices to be monitored on one system. Smartphones, GPS asset trackers, Push to talk devices, magnetic 4G vehicle trackers and SoS devices.

Cross Platform Compatibility
Web Portal and Mobile Manager Apps
Low Cost Asset Trackers with Data
Rich Features Low Price

Track Assets, Phones, Devices One Platform

Track anything in an all in one low cost platform. GPS Pinger supports Android, iOS, over 1500 GPS tracking devices, PTT devices, SoS Trackers and more.

How to Get Started

The mobile apps are free on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. You can install the mobile tracker app on as many devices as you need. You can point unlimited GPS trackers to our platform. Our pricing is based on Manager access. Manager access allows users to view device locations on both the web portal and the mobile Manager app. Each manager can have access to specific devices based on permissions. If you have 100 devices and need 5 users to monitor different regions, then you would need the plan that offers 5 manager users.

True Real time tracking

No minimum time for update frequency

Unlimited Devices

No limit on devices going through our platform

Route History

Route history on all devices with unlimited historical data

Rich Device Information

All device information is sent to the platform. Battery level, speed, status, charge, accuracy, address.

Group Management

Set up groups and sub-groups to filter on screen for easy management

Live Routes

Monitor devices on route in real-time

Yearly Pricing

All pricing is yearly and renews every 12 months. You can cancel or upgrade your plan at anytime.

  • 10 $ Yearly
    • Tier 1
      • Up to 5 Admin/Manager accounts (Web/Mobile)
      • Unlimited iPhone and Android clients
      • Unlimited GPS devices
      • All features
  • 25 $ Yearly
    • Tier 2
      • Up to 30 Admin/Manager accounts (Web/Mobile)
      • Unlimited iPhone and Android clients
      • Unlimited GPS devices
      • All features
  • 50 $ Yearly
    • Tier 3
      • Up to 100 Admin/Manager accounts (Web/Mobile)
      • Unlimited iPhone and Android clients
      • Unlimited GPS devices
      • All features

GPS Trackers

LTE Data for your GPS trackers only $9.95/month

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